Weekend Chic: To The Theater

This weekend, Jason is going to Baltimore to finish his album, leaving me for two solid days and nights in the apartment alone. Don’t worry, I’m not complaining, I’m definitely looking forward to it, but even more so, I’m looking forward to the fact that I get to cash in my Christmas present on Sunday when he gets back.

This year, for Christmas, Jason bought us two tickets to see The Book of Mormon, which is ridiculously expensive, and apparently amazing. I truly cannot wait. I can’t wait to take the opportunity to get dressed up, channel the lovely theater going ladies of the 1960s, and enjoy some time with my man.

  1. Judith Leiber Ritz Fizz Clutch in Forest Green $2295
  2. Topshop Betty Bloom Hourglass Dress $72
  3. French Connection Polar Express $328
  4. Kate Spade Baublebox Bib Necklace $278
  5. Ivanka Trump Amoro Shoes $120

One thought on “Weekend Chic: To The Theater

  1. Love the outfit!!!! But honestly, its so cold in Barcelona, all I can think of is layers and layers of clothes!!!!Let us know how the book of MOrmons is ok? Have a lovely weekend, I'd looove to have a couple of days for myself!

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