Weekend Chic: Band Aid

Jason is so close to finishing his album, and all the work has taken away from his ability to play live shows as often as he would like. Luckily for me, he has a show this Saturday at my favorite dive bar. I have spent many a crazy night (and early morning) at this location in my wild days, and am excited to spend time there hearing him play some music, and hanging with my friends. I also think I’ll use this occasion to drink too many pickle backs and eat too much macaroni and cheese. Yup, I already have a feeling Sunday is going to be a rough one. Have an awesome weekend! xoxo

  1. Holy Harlot Saffron Rex Earrings $120
  2. DKNY Animal Print Stretch Silk Top $225
  3. Betsey Johnson Dark Forest Stacked Animal Rings $36
  4. Topshop Clean PU Biker Jacket $110
  5. Big Buddha Manila Bag $86
  6. Work Custom Jeans in Medium Riveria $189
  7. Plenty by Tracy Reese Capri Hiker Boots $112.50

Leave a little love xoxo

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