Weekend Chic- Training

After a long hiatus from working out due to a cold, I’m planning on hitting the workout routine HARD this upcoming weekend. I’m picking up new running shoes from Adidas tonight, and plan on heading to the park if it’s nice and working on my sprints, my hops, and my pull-ups. I’ve recently decided that I want to take some self-defense classes, or maybe even Parkour lessons (apparently, I’m also crazy now), but I’ve definitely got to build a strong physical foundation before I attempt any of that.

  1. Athleta Pilayo Braid Headband $12
  2. Northface Hydrogen Jacket $99
  3. iPod Shuffle (tried and true, I’ve gone through 3 now!) $46
  4. Alternative Apparel Henley Burnout Tank (I just ordered this!) $40
  5. CWX 3/4 Stabilyx Tights $88
  6. Ellie Goulding Album $10
  7. Adidas Marathon Runners $68

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