Mexican Style Salad

I have something really pathetic to admit. I pack myself a salad at least once a week, but it always goes bad when I decide to go get a piece of pizza for lunch instead. But the strange thing is that if I go buy myself a salad, I’ll always eat it with fervor and enjoy it. So, in the spirit of trying to be a little bit healthy and more budget friendly in the second quarter of the year, I’ve been experimenting with packing myself some interesting salads and seeing if I can convince myself that it takes the place of Two Boots.

The first salad I’ve decided to try out is a Mexican inspired salad. Maybe it’s my ridiculous craving for nachos as of late, or the fact that I deeply miss my old roommate who lived off Mexican food, but I had this idea and feel like it’s genius. The best part for me is that I feel like I can completely go without dressing and the juiciness of tomatoes, beans, and jalapenos is totally enough.


  • 2 cups mixed greens (of your choosing)
  • 1 cup corn (I used frozen)
  • 1 small can jalapenos (go for the nacho style ones)
  • 1 tomatoe
  • 1 cup black beans
  • Pepper jack cheese (why would I ever put an amount on this, add as much as you want!)

I choose to keep my ingredients chopped in large chunks, for me that always works better with a salad so I feel like I’m eating some serious food. You could totally add some avocado or raw onion (I’m allergic to both) and it’d be incredible as well. 


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