Touch of Neon

I’m not a huge fan of neons. Something about the trend reminds me of my youth and while I don’t remember ever wearing neons (although my mom may suggest differently), but I still get a weird feeling whenever neons start to pop up, like pretty soon it’ll be 1991 and they will be ubiquitous. But, I’ve been taking deep breaths, counting to 10, and trying to embrace neons as a perfectly acceptable trend. And while I don’t think I’ll be investing in neon lace dress, here are a few neon items and touches that I can definitely embrace.

  1. ASOS Ladybug Toe Cap Neon Ballet Shoes $31
  2. Roberto Cavalli Neon Clasp Python Belt $1195
  3. Clare Vivier Neon Stripe Flat Clutch $155
  4. Matthew Williamson Leopard Print Swimsuit $410
  5. Payless Brash Feather Earrings $8
  6. Urban Outfitters Neon Risky Sunglasses $12
  7. Matthew Williamson Pom Pom Chain Necklace $410

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