Quarter 2

Can you believe it’s already April 2nd? This year is already flying by, and I feel like I am just falling behind.

In January, I posted this regarding resolutions and goals. So now that the second quarter of the year is upon us, I’ve decided to go back and see where I’m at in regards to my ridiculous list of goals and resolutions. In conjunction with my list of resolutions and goals, I’m also working on trying to be more positive so I’m using this time of reflection to think about what I have in fact accomplished as opposed to what I’ve still left to do (let’s be honest, that list is a really, really long one). Here are a few things that I can feel good about so far this year.

  1. Started working on the second draft of my screenplay. Characters have changed, story lines have matured, and I’m so excited to see where it takes me.
  2. A major closet rehaul has been taking place the first few months this year. I’ve gotten rid of a number of things on eBay, given away a couple bags to charity, and have been slowly, but surely replacing items that I’ve kept far past their shelf life. 
  3. Gotten on the vitamin bandwagon. For some reason, I am the most forgetful person when it comes to the simple act of taking pills every day, but Jason has been incredibly supportive of getting me on the vitamin and supplement bandwagon and I’m working my hardest at it. 
  4. Take Jason on a weekend away. It was awesome to have a chance to take care of him for a change!
  5. Furnishing our apartment. This is always a long and arduous task, but we’ve made some real strides in the past month, and I’m excited to see how it will come along.

What are some of your goals that you’ve worked on so far this year? I’d love to hear how you’re feeling about 2012 right now! xoxo

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