Crisp Birthday Cake Cookies

I have a box of yellow cake mix in my cupboard that I’ve been slowly and surely using to create all sorts of Birthday Cake inspired recipes. This weekend was no difference, and after going through a million recipes, I decided to just wing it and come up with some sort of cookies on my own. 
The truth? They weren’t my favorite, but they were a hit at work, so that’s got to be a good sign. I modified this recipe, by adding some yellow cake mix in the place of some of the flour. And it definitely made a difference, instead of chewy cookies I ended up with crisp, with perfectly browned edges.
Just a note on the recipe- this dough does not really form into little balls, so I found it best to chill the dough first and scoop it out by the teaspoon. If you make them too large, they’ll end up nearly impossible to remove from the baking sheet (see last picture- I have some fun plans for all the cookies that didn’t turn out).

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