Glimpses of My Life

Life has been a bit crazy lately. We’ve been working really hard at making some serious apartment decisions, Jason’s album is thisclose to being finished, I’ve been taking on additional projects outside of work, and Jason had to have surgery this past week (he’s ok!). But all in all, life is pretty great, and here have been a few of my favorite things over the past few weeks.

  •  My rapidly growing record collection
  • Jason and I bowling at Brooklyn bowl (I had the best score of the day!)
  • Momofuku Milk Bar goodies and bloody mary’s in the sun
  • Goodies to go with a glass of wine with friends
  • Boris enjoying our new rug
  • 1980s Rolling Stone magazines with the original Tom Wolfe “The Vanities” from my dad
  • My lying iPhone
  • Cutest. Cat. Ever.
  • Ramp stuffed roasted chicken

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