Patterned Pants

I once had a pair of red and pink plaid capri pants that I lived in. I wore them as often as I could and I loved how bright, fun, and preppy they were. My dad, on the other hand, constantly made fun of me for them and was relieved once they were worn out and I had to get rid of them. Well, sorry to say this dad, but patterned pants are back and better than ever. Here are a few of my current favorites.

  1. Elizabeth and James Jake Floral Print Trouser $228
  2. Camilla and Marc Surrender Tropical Print Trouser $390
  3. ASOS Beta Fashioned Tailored Pants $152
  4. Paige Denim Floral Ankle Skinny Jeans $186
  5. 3.1 Phillip Lim Floral-Print Pants $450
  6. Motel Jordan Stripe Soft Stretch Twill Pants $87

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