Destination Adventure

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time traveling, but I am a big advocate on taking a break from life and seeking adventure. I dream of dropping everything to go hike in the Andes, or learn to surf in Australia, or volunteering at an organic farm in France. But, while I’m building my career and staying settled in New York, I can dream about where I’d love to go. Here are my top 5 ideal travel destinations:

1. Mongolia

A few years ago I read the book Lost in Mongolia, and I’ve been a bit obsessed with this destination ever since. I dream of taking a train with sweeping views of the Gobi desert, fly-fishing in Taiman, and horseback riding across the beautiful plains.

See: Lost in Mongolia, The Horse Boy, Bizarre Foods: Mongolia

2. New Zealand

There is nothing I don’t love about the idea of New Zealand. Picturesque views of mountains, kayaking in South Island Sound, or finally conquering my fear of bungee jumping. In my second life I’ll own a winery there.

See: Lord of the Rings, This Way Of Life

3. Iceland

The beauty of Iceland is like no other. Hot springs, the northern lights, and glacial treks. They may not sound like most people’s dream vacations, but my mom and I have always dreamed about spending a few days on this island.

See: No Such Thing, Sigur Ros Helma

4. Antartica

People generally think that my dream of going to Antarctica is a weird one, and they are probably right, but there is no where else on Earth that has the strange beauty this virtually untouched continent does. Whales and penguins in the same place? Sign me up!

See: Whale Wars, March of the Penguins

5. Paris, France

Virtually the only place on my list that is heavily populated and cultural, I’ve been wanting to go to Paris since I was about 5. I’m hoping to go in the fall where I can explore museums, cafes, and wander the streets. I’ve been going through a heavy Paris in the 20s phase the past year and I don’t think there’s any sign of that slowing until I make it there!

See: A Moveable Feast, Midnight in Paris (and pretty much a million other things)

So what about you? What are your dream travel destinations?

*All photos from National Geographic Stock

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