What Would Holly GoLightly Wear?

Whenever I’m feeling less than inspired by current styles or my wardrobe, I always love putting on a classic film and taking in all the chic styles of eras past. And of course, one of the most iconic stylish films is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Every girl wants to be Holly GoLightly with her chic LBD, stacked necklaces, and to-die for accessories (hats, sunglasses, cigarette holders oh my!)

Holly GoLightly epitomizes everything a chic woman desires to be. She is just as confident in a towel as she is in a pink party dress.

She is fearless, fun, and endlessly stylish, and while there are too many chic moments in this film to go through them all, the most iconic has to be the opening. Where Holly GoLightly stands outside of Tiffany’s in her clothes from the night before.

So what would Holly GoLightly wear today? Here are some of my favorite picks for recreating this iconic look.

  1. Black Satin Elbow Gloves $12
  2. Kinga silk-georgette maxi dress $400
  3. Crystal D’or Tiara $20
  4. Joan & David Gila $158
  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses $142
  6. Kenneth Jay Lane Pearl & Crystal Necklace $308

One thought on “What Would Holly GoLightly Wear?

  1. You certainly can’t go wrong with that classic, elegant look. Audrey still is an inspiration.

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