Who Could I Be: The Professional

There is something amazing about being in New York compared to other places I’ve lived. There are so many amazing and successful women here, who look put together while still managing an office full of people. They are the professionals, and my exploration starts here.

Kim Raver- Lipstick Jungle

We all know her, and at one time or another we’ve all aspired to be her. She’s the one that’s the tyrant in the office, smart, hardworking, and manages to never have a stray hair out of place. She always looks gorgeous, has the right answer, and still makes it out for happy hour with her equally as successful friends.

  • Wardrobe: Pencil skirts, heels, silk blouses, Hermes bags and scarves, real jewels bigger than my fake
  • Habitat: Based out of New York or San Francisco, but travels far too much to have any real “home” Travel: Hong Kong (for business), Paris (for business), Seychelles (for pleasure)
  • Background: Ivy League Business School
  • Hobbies: Mergers & Acquisitions, Jetsetting, Fabulous dinners with successful colleagues
  • Cons: Lots of work hours, no time for real relationships

I feel like it’s so easy to admire women that look like this. They seem to have it all figured out, and there are definitely days where I put on that hat (ahem, shoes) and try to emulate their aplomb, intelligence, and ability to seemingly have it all together.

But the truth is, I don’t know if I could ever be this woman. I may love all the perks of the position, but I’m not sure I could live a life doing a job that lacked freedom, mobility, and creativity. What do you think? Do you know women like this? Do you admire them?

Coming up…The Classicist

One thought on “Who Could I Be: The Professional

  1. I 100% admire their drive and determination and mainly their wardrobe, but I am with you 100% on maybe not wanting their type of career to the extent that I have no life. I don’t think all that success is worth anything if you don’t have someone to share it with – be that friends, family or a partner! x

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