My August Challenge

Have you ever found yourself to be a bit, well, bored with life? Everything is going good, but there just seems to be something missing? That’s been me the past couple of months- things have been great, but for some reason, I just don’t seem to be excited about anything.

And it’s usually during this time that I get into trouble. No, I don’t necessarily mean that I cause trouble, or wreak havoc (the days of Hurricane Alex- yes, at one point my friends actually called me this- are long gone), but instead I generally tend to cure boredom with my credit cards.

The past few months have seen quite the upgrade in my wardrobe, and while I’m working hard to clean out my closet of all the clothes I no longer wear, it just doesn’t seem to justify all the spending I’ve been doing.

On top of that, I’ve gained some weight. And while they may be a couple vanity pounds here and there, when your clothes all start to fit a bit too tight, it’s definitely a time for a change.

So, this August, I’m challenging myself to not shop. It sounds a bit crazy, but here are the reasons I’m challenging myself to 31 days without buying clothing:

  1. Pay down my credit cards and prep for all the inevitable fall purchases I’ll know I’ll be coveting when the weather turns cool.
  2. Get back into shape so I can wear the abundance of clothes that are already in my closet (ie: my vintage fall dresses that were always a bit fitted).
  3. Learn to find other ways to satisfy my need for excitement.

I know, it may sound boring to you, but I’m actually excited about this challenge. I’ve gotten so used to spending a portion of my day devoted to online window shopping, and I know this is definitely going to have to stop if I want to succeed for all 31 days.

What does that mean for The Dandy Life? It means that you might be seeing a lot more fitness related posts, healthy recipes (and maybe a few not so healthy recipes), and some repeats of things already in my closet. I hope the next 31 days don’t bore you and you’ll come along on this challenge with me!

Do you think I can do it? Have you ever given up shopping for a period of time?


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