My Type of Self-Help Reading

I’m a sucker for pseudo-self help and style books. You all know the ones I’m talking about, anything by Lauren Conrad, Nina Garcia, or Pamela Keogh. There is something so light, fluffy, and fun, about looking up to beautiful, stylish women and saying “hey, I bet I could do that too. I often find myself turning back to these books time and again for a dose of inspiration, or just some light reading when I’m on the beach.

Currently, my Amazon wishlist is absolutely overflowing with books like this. And while I have to be judicious in the selection process (they can get expensive and I suppose I should read actual literature every so often), I can’t help but pick a few new ones up every couple of months.

I thought I’d share a few of my absolute favorite inspiration books:

What about you- do you read books like this or do you think they are cheesy? Any suggestions on other books I should take a look at?


Leave a little love xoxo

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