Fashion In Film: It (1927)

I absolutely adore Clara Bow. She had an awful upbringing in Brooklyn tenements, but managed to fight through it all and become the “it” girl of the 1920s. At the height of her fame, she starred in It, the story of a salesgirl named Betty Lou with plenty of sex appeal who pursues a handsome playboy. Betty Lou epitomizes the 1920s flapper sensibility, and no one was better to play her than Bow.

Bow was known for not only being an amazing actress, but also her huge personality and knack for controversy. Her signature mess of curls, bow shaped mouth, and killer body made her a Hollywood favorite, and a classic beauty that will never be forgotten.

The clothes in It are some of the best of 1920s styles. Drop waist dresses, art deco details, t-strap heels, cloche hats, and luxe fabrics. Here’s a few things Bow might like to pick up today.



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