August Challenge Check In

So, earlier this month, I made a deal with myself to not buy any clothing items until the September. Well, I can’t believe it, but I’ve already made it halfway through.

To tell you the truth, it isn’t easy. Things aren’t exactly going as planned, and while I haven’t bought any clothing items in August, my reasons for not doing so aren’t exactly going as planned (tip: if trying to lose weight, don’t go on vacation with a boyfriend who wants to do nothing but cook and eat amazing food). Also, I’m still just as bored as ever. Yuck. I hate being bored. I used to have a million hobbies, but lately, I just don’t seem to have the energy for any of them!

Another thing I’ve realized is how much time I spend online window shopping. Seriously, I think there are at least 10 websites I visit nearly every day to just peruse and see what’s new in the sale section. I didn’t realize I’d become so focused on it, and I definitely think that’s something I’m going to need to work on.

Anyway, only 2 more weeks to go of this challenge, and I’m really hoping I can make it. In other news, I’m spending an extra day in Fire Island (thanks work), attempting to get some good pictures, so hopefully I’ll have something to share with you!


One thought on “August Challenge Check In

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