Fashion in Film: Cruel Intentions (1999)

Yesterday, when I was picking out my Fall Beauty Picks, I had a sudden flashback to my very first manicure. The year: 2002, the color: a deep, dark shade of burgundy reminiscent of Kathryn Merteuil’s perfectly manicured talons. It led to me to start reminiscing about Cruel Intentions: a perfect combination of a hot young cast, a retelling of a classic tale (the 90s loved that), and of course, late 90s style.

Kathryn’s style is one part power suit, one part goth, with her array of black pieces, oversized cross necklace, and rich bitch attitude, Kathryn owns the Upper East Side. She’s like Blair Waldorf minus the prep.

But let’s be honest. The late 90s were weirdly awesome. Tight fitting dresses, chokers, embroidery, mules, and sheer were all the rage, and boy do I miss them. I can’t imagine that Kathryn Merteuil would be caught dead in some of this today, she would be edgier, sleekier, and the upgrade of technology would definitely, definitely make her much more cruel.


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