September Vegan Challenge- First Weekend

This past week, I began my September vegan challenge. I know I briefly wrote about it here, but there were a few things I had forgotten to mention. The truth is, that my vegan month, probably won’t be fully vegan. I know it’s sad and a bit contradictory, but there are a few things I am keeping in my diet for convenience sake.

The first is eggs. Now, I love eggs, and I always have, but the reason I’m keeping them in this month is more about food waste than anything. As part of my CSA share I get 1/2 dozen eggs every week, and unfortunately, Jason just does not eat them. I have already looked into giving some away, but considering I know the farmer I get my eggs from and have already paid for them, I feel strongly about not letting them go to waste. Although, I will be drastically cutting down my consumption.

The second exception is butter. Now, I’m not cooking with butter at home, so this is more of a rule for when I go out to eat. Last time I did a vegan challenge, Jason and I found it super frustrating to go out and eat, and considering this is one of our favorite things to do together, it caused much more harm than good. While I still aim to eat as vegan as possible when I’m out, I feel like butter is one of those battles I just can’t win, but I’m really going to try to moderate it and order food that will naturally be butter free!

I started eating vegan slowly last week (I was at about 75%) with my first day of actually trying to eat vegan being Friday. I spent the past couple of weeks finding recipes, and stocking up on ingredients. And although the first half of my weekend was so, so busy, I managed to spend a ton of time in the kitchen during the second half of my weekend prepping food for the week.

The first thing I made was the Radicchio Pizza from Alicia Silverstone’s book The Kind Diet. It was super simple, and so, so delicious. I added some sauteed garlic and shallots to the pizza in addition to the radicchio and it was so insane I could not get enough of it.

Jason is going to hate me for posting this picture, but I can’t help it! It was great to see him enjoying the vegan fruits of my labor as well!

I also made the oyster mushroom, leek, and pea risotto, ginger baked tofu, a big batch of lentils, and even a quick vegan mac n’ cheese for lunch one day. I gotta say, I’m really starting to enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “September Vegan Challenge- First Weekend

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