My New Favorite Workout

When I first tried aerial silks a few years ago, I found it fun and challenging, but I was a runner and weight lifter through and through, and that was my preferred method of working out. Flash forward nearly four years, and my motivation to get to the gym has diminished and I find myself constantly looking for new and fun ways to work up a sweat.

So, this led me back to aerial silks. I took my first class last week, and needless to say, I’ve been signing myself up for two classes a week since. Currently, I’m taking classes with the amazing Cody Schreger, and I feel like I’m learning so much in every class that it’s hard to keep my head on straight. I love how climbing a silk makes me feel so strong, and learning a new trick lends itself to a type of accomplishment I usually only feel after a long run. I love that being high above the floor, tied up by my feet, spinning around and trusting the silk absolutely terrifies me, and challenges my fear of heights. But mostly I love how sore I am for days afterward. My forearms are screaming in pain, my ribcage needs constant stretching, and my feet need more attention than ever.

If you’re interested in silks and in the New York area, I suggest you check out the No Holds Barred Variety Show this Monday, September 24, at Dixon Place. Cody is hosting, and it will showcase a variety of amazing talents, and will be inspiring to all us wannabe aerialists.


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