October Cravings

I can’t believe it’s October already! You wouldn’t have any idea based on the dreary warm rain we’ve had in New York lately, but I’ve still been out trying to enjoy the fall as much as possible. Currently I’m craving chunky knits, faux furs, and cashmere everything. My current October goals are finding a perfect mustard yellow dress that can transition between seasons and perfecting an autumn themed smokey eye.


15 Under $50

Fall is by far my favorite season for dressing. I absolutely love the deep, rich colors, layering jackets over sweaters over tops, and gold and brown hued accessories. But, let’s be honest, shopping for every season can get awfully expensive. I think if we all had it our way, we’d have a new wardrobe on point with every trend per season, but since that isn’t possible, I always love to pick up a few key pieces that I can work into the clothes I already own. I’m absolutely swooning over this oxblood peplum top from Topshop and these heels from LC Lauren Conrad (wouldn’t they be great with a pair of tweed socks?).

Everything on this list is less than $50, and let’s be honest, you can’t really beat that.

Fall Trends: Oxblood

Oxblood is the color of the season, and why shouldn’t it be? The rich, dark tones make it feel wealthy and luxurious, and it’s relation to brown allows it to be a near neutral that can be worn with both light and dark colors alike. I love this color in rich fabrics like leathers, velvets, and chiffons, and think it would be perfect paired with a chunky knit sweater and a dash of leopard print. What about you? How do you feel about the oxblood trend?
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Fashion in Film: Heathers (1988)

Heathers is one of my favorite movies. If you haven’t seen this 1988 classic, it’s a ridiculous tale of a high school girl who gets caught up with the wrong guy (or the right guy considering he’s Christian Slater) that leads her on a killing spree to get rid of the popular kids that make high school years hell.

But enough about that, let’s be honest, Heathers is largely memorable for it’s style. Along the lines of Working Girl or Desperately Seeking SusanHeathers embodies 80s style. Blazers, shoulder pads, oversized bows, and matchy matchy ensembles, Heathers is the creme de la creme of preppy style.

Today, it’d be tough to get away with 80s silhouettes without it coming across as though it’s Halloween, but there are still some amazing preppy pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe for an updated look. Here are a few of my favorites:

Or if you aren’t ready to go full-on Heathers in your daily life, you can always put on your best Veronica impression for Halloween.


Fall Accessory Must Haves

1. The North Circular Moss Scarf / 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch / 3. See by Chloe Bag / 4. AllSaints Tarn Beanie / 5. Band of Outsiders Fingerless Gloves / 6. Roxy Crosby Boots

Things have gotten pretty heavy here the past couple of days. I’m sorry about that, I’ve been dealing with a lot of inner turmoil and stress and a lot of potential big changes to my life that aren’t exactly pleasant. Currently focusing on taking things one day at a time!

Anyhoo! With each passing day I literally cannot wait for fall. I keep thinking about getting my fall clothes out from the suitcase under my bed, and how excited I am to break out the layers. Fall, can you get here soon please? Whenever the weather takes a dip, I generally tend to ramp up the accessories in my life- scarves, gloves, hats, you name it and I want it all.

Fashion In Film: It (1927)

I absolutely adore Clara Bow. She had an awful upbringing in Brooklyn tenements, but managed to fight through it all and become the “it” girl of the 1920s. At the height of her fame, she starred in It, the story of a salesgirl named Betty Lou with plenty of sex appeal who pursues a handsome playboy. Betty Lou epitomizes the 1920s flapper sensibility, and no one was better to play her than Bow.

Bow was known for not only being an amazing actress, but also her huge personality and knack for controversy. Her signature mess of curls, bow shaped mouth, and killer body made her a Hollywood favorite, and a classic beauty that will never be forgotten.

The clothes in It are some of the best of 1920s styles. Drop waist dresses, art deco details, t-strap heels, cloche hats, and luxe fabrics. Here’s a few things Bow might like to pick up today.


My Type of Self-Help Reading

I’m a sucker for pseudo-self help and style books. You all know the ones I’m talking about, anything by Lauren Conrad, Nina Garcia, or Pamela Keogh. There is something so light, fluffy, and fun, about looking up to beautiful, stylish women and saying “hey, I bet I could do that too. I often find myself turning back to these books time and again for a dose of inspiration, or just some light reading when I’m on the beach.

Currently, my Amazon wishlist is absolutely overflowing with books like this. And while I have to be judicious in the selection process (they can get expensive and I suppose I should read actual literature every so often), I can’t help but pick a few new ones up every couple of months.

I thought I’d share a few of my absolute favorite inspiration books:

What about you- do you read books like this or do you think they are cheesy? Any suggestions on other books I should take a look at?