Creative Couples Costume Ideas

I generally tend to veer more in the direction of pop-culture references when it comes to couples costume ideas. I appreciate the salt and pepper, eggs and bacon, etc., couples costumes, but I think the best couples costume ideas are ones that make you stop and think for a second.

The past two years, Jason and I have managed to come up with some pretty fun and ridiculous costume ideas. But with Halloween a few weeks away, we’re struggling to narrow down exactly what we plan on dressing as this year. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Moonrise Kingdom (2012): Sam and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom are sure to be a popular Halloween costume this year. It’s such a great little love story, and Wes Anderson really brings the 1960s to life with his stylizing of the characters.

  • Labyrinth (1986): Any costume that involves a man in eyeliner gets my vote, and if it’s David Bowie, that’s even better. Jim Henson’s Labyrinth has been one of my “must do” couples costume ideas for years. Sure, Sarah’s costume is a little bit boring (unless you want to go out in a ball gown), but the Jareth costume would be so, so fun. Bonus points: dress your baby as Toby if you can’t get a sitter for the night.

  • Princess Bride (1987): If you’re a bit more on the romantic side, this is definitely the costume for you. Rob Reiner‘s The Princess Bride is a timeless love story, and a perfect costume for a couple that might be divided on their costume ideas- you get to be a princess, he gets to be a pirate, it’s a win-win. (Pssst….did you see the Princess Bride reunion that happened in New York last week? Really wish I could’ve been there!)

  • Natural Born Killers (1994): If you haven’t seen this Oliver Stone directed film starring Juliette Lewis and Woody Harrelson, I have to warn you, it’s not for the faint of heart. Written by Quentin Tarantino, it’s a love story for the psychotic. Truth be told, I absolutely love these over the top characters, and after last years costume, it seems like a natural progression for Jason and me.

  • Fern Gully (1992): So, maybe it’s a cartoon, but I think that Fern Gully costumes would make an awesome choice this year. If you’re in your mid-20s, you’ll remember this film for it’s ridiculous songs (hello…batty rap?), and messages about the environment. But I’m essentially dying to do this costume because it would be the 3rd year in a row that I got Jason to dress like a character played (or voiced!) by Christian Slater.

What are you going to be for Halloween?


Sugary Sweet Skulls

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. It’s my mom’s birthday so it has always been a huge ordeal in my household. Decorated to the nines, a huge party, and candy for days. This year, I’ve decided to take over the party flair from my mom (I so wish she were going to be here), and if I’m taking over, I am really taking over- go big or go home.

As a huge fan of the 1920s, I’ve been using that as my inspiration, and if I’ve learned anything from the pages of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Wharton it’s that in the 1920s, people loved their absinthe. Traditionally, absinthe is served with a sugar cube and ice cold water to slowly melt the sugar into the drink.

So what better way to make absinthe a bit more Halloween-y, than to make skull shaped sugar cubes. I read this tutorial, and although I melted them the first time (I got distracted and left them in the oven too long), but the second time they were absolutely perfect. They were surprisingly easy to make, took hardly any time, and are going to be a great addition to the party. And although we don’t have traditional absinthe glasses, I picked up these small drinking glasses for 50 cents each at the thrift store. I just hope everyone is a anise fan like me!

Cordially Invited…

With my moving out November 1st, my roommate and I decided to throw an epic Halloween party to go out in style. I have been longing to have a big bash for quite a while and my favorite holiday was without a doubt the best excuse I could think of to have it. 
But the truth is, I can’t take credit for these invitations at all. My lovely roommate, Miss Dixie Rising, is the brains behind these. We used the artwork of Edward Gorey, from his book, The Gashlycrumb Tinies, but changed the names to those invited for a personal touch. We added some black envelope, and Dixie added a waxy seal to really class it up. So far they have been well received, and I can’t wait for the party!