It’s Here!!!!

After a long, hard year and a half, At Sea’s full length album, A New Machine, releases on iTunes today. I am so proud of Jason for all his amazing work with this album, and it is truly, truly amazing. Each song is better than the last, and I can’t wait to be by his side on this next part of the journey.

If you’re a local New Yorker, the record release party is next Thursday, October 4th at Bowery Electric. You can buy tickets here, and if you have an advanced ticket, you get a copy of the album at the door! It’s bound to be a fun night.

Please check out a few of the songs on iTunes and let me know what you think!


Bad Day

Yesterday was a pretty rough day. Without going into too much detail, I found out that I may not have a job come October 1st, and while I know that this is a risk of working for a start-up in New York, it certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

On the bright side, I’m trying to find ways to be positive. I’m thinking about finishing the script (or two) that I have in the works, I get to devote more time to the Men Who Trust Women documentaries, and maybe I’ll actually get to pursue acting a bit more head on. All great opportunities that I’m excited about.

But let’s be honest, that doesn’t make it any easier. I’m still sad, and confused, and stressed, and scared. I am oh, so scared. Luckily I have an amazing support system of friends, and Jason was awesome with handling the news. One of my favorite annoying things to do with Jason is sing Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” to him when he comes home in a mood, as he absolutely hates it (I’m the best girlfriend ever guys, seriously).

So it’s only fair that I do this to celebrate my own bad day.

Entertainment Playlists

Once upon a time, I used to be cool. At least I thought I was. I thought I was cool because I was always discovering new bands, always watching movies I found inspiring and interesting, and having book after book to read. I told Jason recently that I felt like I lost a little bit of me in the past couple of years. Call it growing up, call it getting busy with real life, whatever it was, it was starting to get me down.

So in the past few weeks, I’ve started to change all of that. I’ve taken a bit of a break from my Dawson’s Creek Netflix fest and I’ve given my workout playlist a rest, and have started to reconnect with what made me so happy a few short years ago. Here are my current entertainment playlists:

Music: Beirut, The Spring Standards, At Sea, Moonface, Little Dragon

Movies: God Bless America, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, Kumare, Moonrise Kingdom

Books: The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone, I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloane Crosley, Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard

What is on your “entertainment playlists” right now?

Motivation Monday: My August Gym Playlist

Now that I’m back in the gym several times a week, my iPod shuffle has become my best friend. I’ve owned a couple shuffles now, and I seriously don’t know what I would do without it when it comes to running.

That being said, a good playlist is essential, and although I only seem to update mine every few months, I always feel so refreshed and rejuvenated whenever I put together a new playlist for the gym. I updated it last weekend, here were a few highlights:

  • “Disparate Youth” by Santigold
  • “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson
  • “Settle Down” by No Doubt
  • “The Past is a Drug” by At Sea
  • “Lights” by Ellie Goulding
  • “Big Blue Wave” by Hey Ocean
  • “Nobody’s Perfect” by Jessi J
  • “Part of Me” by Katy Perry
  • “Nightlight” by Little Dragon
  • “Fast Peter” by Moonface

What’s on your gym playlist?

Must Hear: Rave On Buddy Holly

When the lovely ladies of Matchbook Magazine featured the new release of Rave On Buddy Holly a collection of Buddy Holly covers in issue 6, I knew immediately that I had to have it.

I discovered Buddy Holly last year. A little late, I know, but I had spent so much time trying to find new and interesting underground indie bands, that I hadn’t spent near enough time discovering music of the past. I had always known who Buddy Holly was (I had after all, watched La Bamba starring Lou Diamond Phillips at least 20 times as a kid), but had never taken the time to fully appreciate until my adult life.

This album of covers is a must have for any fan. My favorite track? Surprisingly, it’s “(You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care”, by Cee-Lo, although “Everyday” by Fiona Apple and Jon Brion is a close second. This album was my soundtrack all last weekend during the 4th of July festivities, needless to say, I’m a little obsessed right now!

Style Icon: Gwen Stefani

Lately I’ve been reminiscing about the 1990’s a lot. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I loved when smart and strong women were portrayed as sexy. And nobody sticks out as a strong, sexy, smart woman of the 90s like Gwen Stefani. Do you remember the “Just a Girl” video? Stefani held her own among a genre filled with men, and she did so in style.

I used to love her crop top/baggy pants/boots combos, and loved that she could throw on a $10 vintage dress and look like a million bucks. I always wanted to be a platinum blond and wear red lipstick everywhere. She was old school Hollywood glam meets SoCal punk chic. I absolutely worshiped everything about her.

Not to say that I don’t still love her. I still love her style, and am thrilled that No Doubt is coming out with a new record, but new Stefani will never compare to the tough chick I looked up to in junior high.