Film for a Dandy Life: For a Good Time, Call…

Job hunting has it’s pros and cons, but so far, my favorite pro has been the ability to see a movie on a rainy afternoon, and last week, I took the opportunity to see For a Good Time, Call…and am so glad I did.

Two frenemies, Lauren and Katie, move in together to cover the rent on Katie’s grandmother’s fabulous Gramercy apartment (swoon), but when Lauren’s job situation hits a snag, they team up to start a phone sex line. Written by Lauren Miller (who stars as Lauren) and Katie Anne Naylon, this hilarious raunchy comedy manages to elicit laughs from simply being well written. Unlike the use of bodily fluids and physical comedy that was prevalent in last year’s BridesmaidsFor a Good Time, Call… manages to keep the comedy coming with a well thought-out screenplay, and superb acting by Miller and Ari Graynor (who is seriously, like, my favorite person ever now), and a hilariously gay Justin Long.

But my favorite part of For a Good Time, Call… is the fact that it manages to bypass all the plot devices so typical to female driven films. There’s no wedding, no baby, no fighting over a guy, For a Good Time, Call… is about friendship. It’s about two very different girls who manage to find one another, and fall in platonic love in the truest sense. It’s real, it’s truthful, it’s fun, and it’s silly. It reminds me of me and my girlfriends. Sure, there manages to be some drama (you couldn’t have a movie without it), but it’s just nice to see a movie that isn’t based on getting the guy.

It’s so fun to watch this development of female written and acted comedies. I love being able to see the change, and see it being done so well. Have you seen it yet? What did you think?



An Exciting New Project

I’ve been working on a new project for the past few months and I’m so excited to finally share the beginning stages of it on my blog.

I’m teaming up with writer/feminist Chloe Angyal to create a series of documentary shorts inspired by the blog, Men Who Trust Women. I generally don’t get very political on this blog, but this is such an important issue and one very close to me. Men Who Trust Women is a site that shares the stories of men who trust women to make their own decisions regarding their healthcare.

This being an election year, it is both scary and thrilling to take on an endeavor such as this. Chloe is an amazing writer, and I am so happy to be teaming up with her to direct my first documentary project. And like any film project, these things take money, so we’ve started a Kickstarter Campaign to fund a series of 5 videos.

Please check out our Kickstarter page here to donate and learn more!