Must Read: Clara Bow: Runnin’ Wild by David Stenn

I’m a sucker for an entertainment biography. There is something about the Golden Age of Hollywood and the people involved that I love to learn more about. Combine that with my current love of the 1920s and I was bound to get to Clara Bow at some point.

Bow had a tumultuous and troubled childhood, one that would haunt her for the rest of her life, but she was one of the few, one of the lucky ones who managed to escape her bleak existence and not only make it into the “pictures”, but also become the darling “It” girl of the roaring 20s.

One of my favorite things about Clara was how, no matter how huge of a star she became, she always managed to stay humble, remember her roots, and lend a hand to anyone that was in need. Sometimes, like in the case of her cousin and father, it backfired, other times, it was a roaring success. For example, Jeam Harlow had a bit part in one of her movies which terrified Clara originally, and later, she helped boost Harlow’s career from day player to mega star.

Clara Bow makes me yearn for a time when life seemed good. When the moving pictures were a time of excitement and hope. Where the “It” girl was someone who was a successful actress, and not a reality star. A time when if an actress had a scandal the studio would try to cover it up, and if they didn’t, fans would still stand behind her. Granted, that time released some really ridiculous movies, so maybe I don’t miss it too much!


One thought on “Must Read: Clara Bow: Runnin’ Wild by David Stenn

  1. I shall have to seek out this book! I just watched "It" the other day and truly enjoyed it all over again! Funny I always yearned for the days of the past too till I saw Midnight in Paris which the main character yearned for the 20's and found people of that era yearned for the 1800's and then those people further back. I guess the grass is always greener. So instead I celebrate and embrace today, but admire, and pay tribute to my fav eras of the 20's through early 40's.

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